Pieter Frederik Bezemer

XIC. Pieter Frederik was born in Antwerpen (Belgium) 15.10.1825 and died may 1868
         Pieter Frederik is a son of Ary Bezemer and Maria Elisabeth van Rooije.
         He was married 31.07.1857 in Vlisssingen with Louise Thierens, born 09.11.1834 in Den Helder
         and died 20.10.1869 in Brielle. She was a daughter of dr. van Adolph Ernestus Thierens and
         Johanna Cornelia Caroline Penning.

The family got 6 children:

1. Arij, born Vlissingen 09.09.1858 and died Amsterdam 09.09.1866.

2. Johanna Cornelia Caroline, born Vlissingen 09.10.1859, and died Renkum 10.06.1919.

3. Maria Elisabeth, born Aarlanderveen 10.02.1861, died Renkum 16.12.1952.

4. Louise, born Aarlanderveen 07.11.1862, died Alphem a/d Rijn 06.05.1863.

5. Jacomina Bernardina, born Amsterdam 06.12.1865, died Amsterdam 05.08.1866.

6. Arij, born Amsterdam 31.01.1867, died Amsterdam 17.04.1868.

Pieter had a restless, adventuress mind. The family moved several times in 11 - 12 år.
Pieter was born a short distance from the habours in Antwerpen, so on 01.10.1840 - 15 years old - he
start as midshipman at the Royal Navy Institute.
In 1847 - after some voyages to Indonesia - he became 2. sea-lieutenant. Just the practial part of his exam
is good, and he must do more for his eagerness. The next 3 years he served on several ships until he in
1850 is transfered to guardhip "Sambre", as a result of his behaviour to the chief of the "Merwede".

In 1852 he is 1. officer on ZM ss "Samarang". On Borneo he took part in the war there and on
21.10.1854 he was appointed as knight in 4. class of the Military Willemsorden, as he in 1853 and 1854
had done the best for his chief and the soldiers in West-Borneo on the river Slakkona.

There are some voyages to Indonesia and on 01.01.1857 he became 1. sea-lieutenat and seven month
later he married the nine years younger Louise Thierens.

Already after 1 month by order Pieter Frederik has to travell to Indonesia on the merchantman "Johannes
Lodewijk". He arrived there 8 month later and got the command on ZM "ss Phoenix".
After 5 month he was send back to Holland on corvette "Pr. Amelia, to explane his behaviour as
commandant of the "Phoenex".
He withdraw on 27.10.1863 his position as 1. officer on corvette "Pr. Amaile" and four days later he
got his honourable resignation frem the navy. He is 38 years old.

Over the next five yaers - until his dead in may 1868 - there are not many informations, however we know
that 4 of his children died. He is photographer and baker in Amsterdam and here he got his petition for

As on 31.01.1867 his youngest son Ary is born, he is as father, mentioned as "absent" and by the dead af
same Ary on 17.04.1868 it is only the mothers signature. As the family on 12.05.1868 moved to Brielle,
his wife mentioned him in the national register, with the note "be in Indonesia"

He is possibel merchant on Celebes, as the board of jutice in Makassar pronounced his death. Is he back
in Indonesia to move his family later on or is he after the petition for liquidation just moved away?

Among other things by reading:
"This whole brave family... A Schiedams genus Bes(z)emer between 1600 and present",
  from Th. Bezemer july 1988.

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