Goslik Minnema Stellingwerff

XIIID. Goslik Minnema Stellingwerff was born 30.12.1824 in Sneek and died ?.01.1894 in Balk.

Goslik was married with Tette Bakker, we don't know about her.

Sneek is a historical village from about 1100 as "Ter Snake" in de middel of the at that time called
Middelsea. In the 13. century it had a considerable regional function as port and soon the village was
inside walls and many canals. In the 17. and 18. century the village became a city. As city it should have
a hotel and it was build in 1830. After several owners Goslik took over in 1867. It seems that he was
an outstanding personality, and his portrait is still to see in the Hotel "De Wijnberg" Marktstraat 23,
in Sneek.

They got a daughter:

1. Tette XIVB.

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