Frans Bezemer

Frans was born 27-06-1898 in Haag, and died 4.10.1963 Haag.

    He was married 6.06.1928 with Johanna Christina Frederika de Roo, born 8.12.1899 in Rotterdam and
    died ??. Se was daughter of Frederik Hendrik de Roo and Anna Hoeneveld.
    In 1926 he was Doctor in Leiden.
    In 1928 bacteriological-sanitarian at the Institute for Tropical medical science. Also governordoctor for
    nationalhealth at the central hospital in Weltevreden (Sumatra).
    In 1930 2. hospital director of the greatest hospitals (Petoemboekan and Perbaoengan) at the Eastcoats
    of Sumatra.
    In 1934 governmentdoctor in Makassar.
    In 1936 concerndoctor in Sumatra.
    In 1941 medical at the labour-inspection in Groningen
    In 1951 medical adviser Central office of the Labour-inspection in Haag.

    He got the Order of The Netherlands Lion.

    The family got 2 children.

    1. Fenny Christina Bezemer, born 30-01-1930 in Batavia, Java, Indonesia and died 25-11-2002 in
        Wassenaar, she was married 04-10-1956 with Frans Pieter Johan Vester, born 06-12-1927 in
       The family got 1 child:
       1a. Sylvia Desirée Vester, married with Egbert van der Does
            The family got 1 child:
            1aa. Eli van der Does.