Karel Willem Leonard

Karel Willem Leonard, was born 3.12.1899 in Wageningen and died 12.02.1991 in Voorburg.

    He study Indologi in Leiden.
    In 1924 member of the administration on Java, plague combat.
    1938-1945 secretary of the Milk- and Dairy-sanitary Society.
    1945-1947 Head of the Royal Dutch Navy Information Office.
    He was Navy historican and on the Institute of History at the National University in Utrecht and the
    Dutch Institute of Wardocumentation.
    Officer of the Oranje-Nassau order.
    Honorry member of the Dutch Ornithology Club.
    He had some publications:
    1941- The struggle of the Antartic.
    1957- The Antartic besieged.
    1956 They battled at Seven Seas, history of the Royal Dutch Navy in WW2.
    1967 The history of the Dutch Mercantile marine in WW2.

    He was married 3 times and got 4 children.

    The 1 time he was married 6.10.1924 in Batavia, with Anna Aleida le Comte.
    The family got 2 children:
    1. Tammo Fridtjof Bezemer, he was married with Hilde Westrik
        The family got 3 children:
        1a. Mary An Bezemer, married with Jan Aie de Jong.
             The family got 2 children:
             1aa. Koenraad Tammo Teunis de Jong
             1ab. Elisabeth GabriŽlle de Jong

        1b. Vanessa Bezemer, married with Gianni W. Sellers
             The family got 2 children:
             1ba. Erica Elisabeth Sellers
             1bb. Alexander Sellers.

        1c. Katrijne Bezemer

    2. Roald Peter Louis Bezemer, marreid with Elzeliena Cornelia Ladestein
        The family got 3 children:
        2a. Karen Jacqeline Bezemer
        2b. Patrick Frank Bezemer
        2c. Yvonne Elisabeth Bezemer

    The 2 time he was married with Dorothy Mary Rhodes
    The family got 1 child:
    3. Erik Einar Brent Besemer, married with Henriette Gorter
        The family got 1 child:
        3a. Querrel Besemer

    The 3 time he was married 10-05-1943 in WAssenaar with Sonja Albertine Huizinga, born 05-07-1920
    in den Haag and died 14-09-2015 in ?. She was daughter of Albertus Huizinga en Elsje van Puffelen.
    The family got 1 child:
    4. Ewout Frank Bezemer, married with Olga Boswinkel
       The family got 2 children:
        4a. Tessa Arlette Bezemer
        4b. Iris Sophie Bezemer, married with Pierre Kriesels.
             The family got 1 child:
             4ba. Amber Marie Bezemer