Wilhelm Gottlieb Bezemer

Wilhelm Gottlieb Bezemer, was born 2.10.1908 in Wageningen and died 11.02.1962 in Aerdenhout.

    He was married 6.08.1941 with Henriėtte Constance Bertha Haag, born 27.05.1917 and died
    1.06.1993 in Aerdenhout.She was daugther of Jan Haag and Henriėtte Constance Bertha Schmidt.

    He had administrative- and organizing functions by aerial safeguard in WW2, Dutch Union, educational
    films and several periodicals.

    The family got 3 children.

    1. Gentia Hildegonda Charlotte, she is married with Aage Bertoen.
       The family got 2 children:
       1. Wassili Valentijn Bertoen
       2. Krispijn Severien Bertoen.

    2. Alexandra, she is married with Hendrik Jan Crietee.
       The family got 2 children:
       1. Matthijs Alexander Crietee.
       2. Vanessa Samianne Crietee.

    3. Maarten-Frans, he is married with Else van Willegen
        The family got 2 children:
        1. Marije Bezemer
        2. Koen Bezemer