Daniel Bärthel

IX. Daniel Bärthel is born about 1783 in Frederikshøj (Grønhøj), Frederiks parish, Alheden and he died 4.04.1849 in Sandkærgaarde, Frederiks parish,

Daniel is a son of Johann Jacob Bertel and Anna Cathrine Philbert.

He was married before 1813 with Anna Margrete Risch, born about 1772 in Frederikshede (Havredal), Frederiks parish, Alheden as daughter of Johan Philipp Risch and Christine Keller, and she died 3.07.1852 in Sandkærgaarde.

The married couple dates could not be found as the parish register of Frederiks first was started in 1813.

Daniel took over one of the two Sandkærgaarde in 1801, 2 km. from Grønhøj på Alheden while his brother Andreas took over the other one.
He run it until 1848, when he renounce til his son Johan Georg.

The family got 8 children:
  1. Marie Christine, born 1804, married 1.in 1828 with Philip Fr. Kradt, married 2. in 1832 with Peter Besser.

  2. Johan Philip, born 1806, married 1. with Ane Nielsdatter, married 2. in 1860 with Bodil Lauritsddatter.

  3. Johan Daniel, born 1810.

  4. Anna Margrethe, born 1812, married in 1836 with Frederik Würtz.

  5. Johan Jacob, born 28.03.1815.

  6. Andreas, born 16.06.1817.

  7. Johannes, born 26.02.1820.

  8. Johan Georg X.

Obtained by reading:
"The Genus Bärtel from Frederiks parish, about Johan Georg Bärtel, born 1823, and his wife, their ancestors and descendants".
The book is written by a/s genealogy Bredgaard, Skals (DK) 1971-1973.

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