Johan Wendel Risch

VI.B. Johan Wendel-Risch was born about 1730, in Staffel in Germany, and he died after 1787, where he is mentioned in the census, but before 1801 were he isn't mentioned.

Johan is son of
Adam Wendelrisch.

Johan was married with Anna Margretha Delpin, born about 1724 and died after 1801, where she is mentioned as reside in her son, but before 1813 where the parisch register started.

Johan immigrate about 1761 with his wife and children and took over farm 20 in Frederikshede. In 1764 he was copyholder on the farm. In 1784 he is still running the place.

In 1777 died the colonist Adam Boechler, and immediatey after his wife. The copyhold farm should be taken over of their eldest son Johan Phillip, but he run away and enlisted as soldier in Viborg, leaves his 18 years old brother Johannes at the farm. He was too young to run the farm and there was no money to feed the herd, the colony manager decided to turn over the farm too Johan Wendel-Risch for a period of 2 years, as he was "a good armer".(14.10.1777)

As told before, there was hold a public sale at the farm, where both Jacob Bertel and son Johan Philipp Risch were buyers.

The family got a son:

1. Johan Philip Risch VIII.

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