Daniel Berdel

XI. Daniel Berdel is born 23.02.1845 in Sandkærgaarde, Frederiks parish, Grønhøj, Alheden and died the same place 7.08.1924.

Daniel is a son of
Johan Georg Bärtel og Susanne Margrethe Bitsch.

He was married 1. 6.12.1870 in Frederiks with Bodil Marie Laustsen, born 12.02.1853 in Frederikshøj,Frederiks parish, Grønhøj, Alheden daugter of Laust Christense (Pisselhøj) and Bodil Kristine Jensdatter and she died 28.01.1889 in Sandkærgaarde.

In this family was born 15 children (some stillborn or living shortly)

He was married 2. 7.01.1890 in Frederiks with Ane Cathrine Jensen, born 2.05.1869 in Knudsgaardshede, Daugbjerg parish, dauhter of Niels Jensen Dahl and Ane Marie Jacobsen and died 19.07.1900 in Sanskærgaarde.

In this family was born 6 children, f.ex. Ane Marie Danie Bertel XII.

He was married 3. 30.07.1901 In Frederiks with Eva Katrine Lauth,born 25.08.1874 in Frederikshøj, Frederiks parish, daugther of Frederik Lauth and Anna Magrete Dørr.

In this family was born 8 children.

The barn of Sandkaergaarde is so interesting, so it is been taking down and will be rebuild in the near future by Klosterlundmusem.

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