Aage Dahlgaard Olesen

XIII. Aage Dahlgaard Olesen is born 16.01.1919 in Daugbjerg, and died 24.08.2000 in Hørsholm Aage is a son of Elias Marinus Olesen and Ane Marie Danie Bertel He was educated as carpenter.

He married 29.06.1941 Andrea Jensine Pedersen, daughter of farmer Ansgar Pedersen og Sofie Lasse. We know nothing about these people. Andrea is born 5.09.1922 in Lemming and died 9.06.1996 in Hørsholm.

The family got 6 children:
  1. Tonny.

  2. Asger Preben.
    Preben was married 03.09.1966 in Rønne with Hanne Lise Lund, born 13.05.1942 in KøKøbenhavn, and dieid 07.10.2008 in Rønne, she was daughter of Jacob A. Lund and Anne Marie Pedersen.
        The family got 2 children:
        1. Claus, he is married with Stine Heje.
               The family got 2 children:
                1. Lucas Olesen.
                2. Sara Olesen.

        2. Susanne, she is married with Frank Larsen.
               The family got 3 children:
               1. Amalie Larsen.
               2. Camille Larsen.
               3. Cecilie Larsen.

  3. Erik Steen.
    Erik was married with Anna Maanson
        The family got 2 children:
        1. Pia Dahlgaard Olesen, born 03.02.1974 in København and died 20.04.2013 in Gladsaxe.
        2. Henrik Dahlgaard Olesen.

  4. Poul Verner.
    Poul is married with Kirsten Gjessing, datter of Kai Erik Gjessing and Elly Hansen.
        The family got 1 child:
        1. Berit Gjessing Olesen, she is married with Jørgen Hallengren.
               The family got 2 children:
               1. Martin Gjessing Hallengren.
               2. Thomas Gjessing Hallengren.

  5. Lis. XIV.

  6. Kirsten Birthe.
    Birthe is married with Erik Bartholdy Mathiesen, son of Svend Åge Mathiesen and Gertud Marie Bartholdy Pedersen
        The family got 2 children:
         1. Karin Bartholdy Mathiesen, she is married with Jesper Hansen.
                The family got 2 children:
                1. Andrea Bartholdy Hansen.
                2. Oscar Bartholdy Hansen.
         2. Dorthe Bartoldy Mathiesen.

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