Leendert Jansz Besemer

VI. Leendert Jansz Besemer died November 1605 in Capelle a/d IJssel. Leendert is a son of Jan Jansz Besemer. He was married with Grietge Ariens Plonen. She died before 1592, when the children are selling land.

The family got 3 children:

  1. Pleuntge, died in 1636. She was married with Arien Leendertz who was carpenter. He died in Capelle a/d IJssel 19.11.1628. He is a son of Leendert Andriesz and Maerte Ariens.

  2. Arien VII.

  3. Aechtge, died 5.06.1618 in Capelle a/d IJssel, married 1. with Andries Leendertsz, died 18.04.1600 in CApelle a/d IJssel,son af Leendert Andriesz. and Maertge Ariens, married 2. with Leendert Jansz. Nagtegaal, son of Jan Cornelisz. Nagtegaal and Pietertge Leenderts.

Among other things by reading:
"This whole brave family... A Schiedams genus Bes(z)emer between 1600 and present", from Th. Bezemer july 1988.

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