Pieter Leendertsz Besemer

VIE. Pieter Leendertsz Besemer, died before 26.02.1582, was married with NN. He was owner of some land in Krimpen a/d IJssel.

The family got 3 children:

1. Cornelis, alive in 1597, was married with Aeltge Maertens, both died before 1626
    1. Wayte.
    2. Pieter.

2. Roel, alive in 1597, was married with NN.
    1. Pieter.

3. Pieter, alive in 1597.

Among other things by reading:
"This whole brave family... A Schiedams genus Bes(z)emer between 1600 and present", from Th. Bezemer july 1988.

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