Pleun Cornelisz Visscher

VIII. Pleun Cornelisz Visscher was born about 1615 and died 19.04.1692. Pleun was a son of Cornelis Pleunen Pleun was married in Schiedam in 1639 with Claesge Ariensdr Besemer, born about 1612 in Capelle a/d IJssel and died 3.09.1663 in Schiedam. She was a daughter of Arien Leendertsz Besemer and Ariaentge Dircksdr.

Pleun was salmonfisherman.

The family got 6 children:
  1. Maertge, died between 12.05.1668 and 31.01.1677. She is married with Philips Adolfsen. On 12.05.1668 she is together with Arij, Cornelis and Adriana mentioned by the inheritance of her uncle Leendert Ariens Besemer and on 31.01.1677 Philips Adolfsen is married with Jannetgen Andries.

  2. Arij IX.

  3. Pleuntje, born 1644 and died 29.01.1681. She is married 19.11.1666 in Schiedam with Jan Ariens de Jongh, born in Ketel and son of Arien Jans de Jongh.

  4. Cornelia, born 8.04.1647 and died (drowned) 24.07.1648.

  5. Cornelis, born 25.12.1648 an died after 1692. He was married in Schiedam 12.11.1648 with Neeltje Symons van der Houwe, born in Vlaardingen about 1650 and died after 2.10.1693. She was a daghter of Symon Willemse van der Houwe.
        The family got 5 children.
        1. Clasina, christened 26.08.1686.
        2. Symon, christened 31.08.1687.
        3. Anna, chistened 04.05.1690, prossibly died 22.05.1690.
        4. Nicolaia, christiened 01.05.1691.
        5. Anna, christened 02.10.1693.

  6. Adriana, born 5.08.1655 and died 5.07.1727. She was married in Schiedam 4.06.1648 with Stoffel Leenderss, born 28.02.1655. He is a son of Leendert Gerritsen.

There are many testemonies of Pleun and his family.

Among other things by reading:
"This whole brave family... A Schiedams genus Bes(z)emer between 1600 and present", from Th. Bezemer july 1988.

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