Leendert Jansz Besemer

XI. Leendert Jansz Besemer was born in Schiedam 22.12.1719 and died Schiedam 13.05.1791. Leendert was a son of Jan Arents Besemer and Maertje Arents van der Vlies. He was married in Schiedam 12.05.1745 with Trijntje Bosselaar, born Schiedam 16.07.1717 and died Schiedam 12.05.1777. She was a daughter of Ary Bosselaar and Lena Maartensse van Wieringen.

The family 6 children:
  1. Jan, born Schiedam 9.03.1746 and died there 1.05.1810. He was married in Schiedam 24.12.1769 with Barbera van der Graaf, born in Schiedam ad died there 25.11.1809. She was daughter of Abram van der Graaf and Hester Stolk.
        The family got 5 children all chistened in Schiedam.
        1. Leendert, 05.08.1770.
        2. Hester, 14.08.1772 died in Schiedam 25.10.1777.
        3. Trijntje, 17.12.1773 died in Schiedam 25.10.1777.
        4. Abraham, 08.10.1775 died in Schiedam 16.10.1777.
        5. Trintje, 25.06.1780 died in Schiedam 20.02.1838, married 15.07.1804 in Schiedam with Dirk van Koetsveld, christened in Schiedam 24.03.1782 and died in Schiedam 18.08.1820. He was son of Pieter van Koetsveld and Adriane Zagwijn.
            The family got 3 children:
            a. Ariaantje, born 11.12.1804.
            b. Jan, born 08.01.1806.
            c. Ariaantje, born 18.02.1807.

  2. Lena, born in Schiedam 23.08.1748 and died there 19.10.1818. She waas married 1. 29.03.1772 with Bastiaan van der Groef, born ?? and died between 30.07.1780 and 31.03.1782. Married 2. with Johan Hendrik Wijffenbach, died before 19.10.1818. He was a son of Jan Frederik Wijffenbach.

  3. Ary, born 5.03.1751 and died 12.06.1755.

  4. Ariaantje, born 28.04.1754 and died about November 1797. She was married in Schiedam 10.10.1773 with Pieter Scheurkogel, born 26.06.1747 and died 4.03.1796. He is son of Abram Scheurkogel and Hendrijntje Verboom.
        The family got 7 children all christened in Schiedam.
        1. Leendert Scheurkogel.
        2. Abraham Scheurkogel.
        3. Trijntje Scheurkogel.
        4. Hendrik Scheurkogel.
        5. Jan Scheurkogel.
        6. Arij Scheurkogel.
        7. Leena Scheurkogel.

  5. Ary XII.

  6. Willem, born 17.06.1761 and died before 14.08.1829. He was married in Schiedam 05.11.1786 with Belitje van der Vaart, born 21.06.1741 and died 14.08.1829. She was daughter of Cornelis van der Vaart and Grietje Walraven.

  7. Source:
    Among other things by reading:
    "This whole brave family... A Schiedams genus Bes(z)emer between 1600 and present", from Th. Bezemer july 1988.

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