Hendrik Bezemer

XIIE. Hendrik Bezemer, born in Schiedam 18.05.1806, miller boy, died in Schiedam 11.11.1848, was
          married in Schiedam 28.05.1829 with Maria Hofland, born in Schiedam 06.03.1807, dressmaker,
          died in Schiedam 14.01.1848. She was a daughter of Jan Hofland and Maria Borst.

The family got 5 children, all born in Schiedam:

1. Martina, 24.03.1829, died in USA ab. 1890, she was married in Schiedam 06.07.1853 with
    Leendert Wey, born in Schiedam 22.10.1831, miller, died Belvoir (USA) 11.01.1894. He was
    son of Bastiaan Wey and Geertrui Timmermans.

2. Maria, 02.01.1832, died in Schiedam after 11.11.1848.

3. Gijbert, 12.12.1834, blacksmith, died in Schiedam 15.07.1810, was married in Schiedam
    27.10.1858 with Jannetje Doppert, born in Delft 21.08.1833, died in Utrecht 13.05.1914.
    She was daughter of Arij Droppert and Jannetje Engel.

    The family got 7 children, all born in Schiedam:

    1. Hendrik, 20.11.1858, was working in the candle factory Apollo in Schiedam, died in Schiedam
        10.4.1945, he was married in Schiedam 06.05.1885 with Jannetje Sluijters, born in Schiedam
        07.08.1863, died in Schiedam 16.09.1938. She was daughter of Pieter Sluijters and Geertrui
        The family got 10 children:
        1. Gijsbert, born 07.09.1885.
        2. Pieter, born 08.03.1887.
        3. Gijsbertus, born 11.09.1888.
        4. Geertrui, born 21.11.1889.
        5. Jannetje, born 26.09.1891.
        6. Francina Petronella Geertrui, born 01.04.1893
        7. Hendrica, born 02.09.1895.
        8. Hendrik, born 17.11.1899.
        9. Margaretha Jacoba, born 11.01.1901.
        10. Johanna Jacoba, born 28.05.1902.
        Descendanten in Schiedam and Rotterdam.

    2. Arij, 16.07.1861, died in Schiedam 12.10.1865.

    3. still born daughter, 11.03.1866.

    4. Jannetje, 15.10.1867, died in Vlaardingen 12.07.1907, was married in Schiedam 16.02.1887
        with Hendrik Sondorp, born in Heerde 13.09.1865, cooper, died in Vlaardingen 20.11.1959.
        He was son of Herbert Egbertus Sondorp and Egberta Everdina Middelburg.

    5. Gysbert, 22.03.1870, died in Schiedam 09.01.1877.

    6. Ary, 19.07.1873, died in Schiedam 22.12.1873.

    7. Johannes Jacobus, grocer, died in Schiedam 27.03.1906, was married in Schiedam with
        Jacoba Karreman, born in Schiedam 17.03.1875, died in Schiedam 20.11.1960. She was daughter
        of Thomas Karreman and Adriana Johanna Pronk
        The family got 6 children:
        1. Jannetje, born 22.01.1900, died in Schiedam 15.02.1982, was married in Schiedam 04.05.1921
           with Dammis van 't Zelfde, born in Schiedam 04.10.1898, died in Haag 15.08.1973.
           He was son of Dammis van 't Zelfde and Aleida Warnawa.
        2. Adriana Johanna, bron 03.01.1901, died in Schiedam 14.10.1903.
        3. Gijsbert, born 22.06.1902, died in Schiedam 16.05.1903.
        4. Thomas, born 15.08.1903, baker, die in Schiedam 09.09.1971, was married in Schiedam
           05.02.1930 with Margaretha Anthonia van Rossen, born in Vlaardingen 05.03.1902, she was
           daughter of Martinus Johannes van Rossen and Maria Broek.
           The family got 3 sons and 2 daughters.
           Decendanten in Vlaardingen, Utrecht, Leiden, Blaricum and Eindhoven.
        5. Adriana Johanna, born 18.10.1904, died in Delft 04.08.1978. Married in Schiedam
           13.06.1928 Hendrik Johannes Kruijs, born in Delft 16.10.1905, baker, son of Isaak Hendrik
           Kruijs and Maria Cornelia van der Laan.
        6. Gijsbert, born 28.10.1905, baker, died in Schiedam15.12.1971, was married in Schiedam
           07.08.1929 with Jannetje Koogje, born in Schiedam 12.01.1908.
           She was daughter of Cornelis Koogje and Neektje Pont.
           The family got 2 daughters.

4. Henderina, born 25.02.1840, died in Schiedam 26.01.1911, was married in Schiedam 15.07.1868
     with Leendert van Baarle, born in Schiedam 23.04.1838, died in Schiedam 16.02.1919.
     He was son of Arij van Baarle and Arentje van den Tempel.

5. Krijntje. born 05.03.1843, died in Schiedam 14.01.1929.

Among other things by reading:
"This whole brave family... A Schiedams genus Bes(z)emer between 1600 and present",
  from Th. Bezemer july 1988.

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