Nickel Philbert

Nickel Philbert or Niclas Philbert was born 21.09.1682 in Gronau, Odenwald, Hessen, Germany, and he
died 4.04.1721 the same place.

Nickel is son of
Johan Balthasar Philbert and Anna Barbara Metzger.

He was married 20.11.1705in Gronau with Agnes Hess, born 8.02.1687 in Gronau and she died
26.02.1747 the same place.

Nickel Philbert describes as "Steinsetzer" in Gronau, a job description as nearly bricklayer.

They got a son:
1. Johan Peter.

Obtained by reading:
"The Genus Bärtel from Frederiks parish, about Johan Georg Bärtel, born 1823, and his wife, their
 ancestors and descendants".
 The book is written by a/s genealogy Bredgaard, Skals (DK) 1971-1973.

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