Johann Georg Bitsch

V.A. Johann Georg Bitsch was born 30.05.1703 Reichenbach, Odenwald, Hessen, Germany and died 20.08.1748 in Reichenbach.

Johann Georg is son of
Jacob Bitsch and Anna Margaretha Bormuth. He was chistened trinitatis søndag 03.06.1703 and as sponsor is named Christian Bitsch' youngest son Hans Jørgen from Reichenbach.

Johann Georg was married 9.05.1730 in Reichenbach with Anna Barbara Koch born in 1710 in Elmhausen and died in 1766 in Grønhøj and daughter of Johannes Koch and Susanne Schäfer.

The family was living in Reichenbach, moved to Railnbach and immegrate to Denmark in 1760, with Johann Peter, Johann Jacob and Agatha.

The family got 7 children:
  1. Johan Peter VI.A.

  2. Johann Jacob, born 08.01.1734 in Reichenbach.

  3. Johann Adam, born 18.04.1737 in Reichenbach.

  4. Johann Phillipp, born 22.05.1740 in Reichenbach.

  5. Anna Catharina, born 11.08.1742 in Reichenbach.

  6. Agatha, born 21.08.1745 in Reichenbach.

  7. Ana Margretha, born 20.08.1748 in Elshausen./li>
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