Johan Peter Bitsch

VI.A. Johan Peter Bitsch was born 9.11.1731 (at 21.00 hours) in Reichenbach über Bansheim,
          Germany, and died in 1809 in Grønhøj.

Johan Peter is son of
Johan Georg Bitsch and Anna Barbara Koch. He was christened 11.11.1731
and as ponsor his unmarried uncle Johan Peter Bitsch.

Johan Peter was married 12.08.1760 in Torning with Eva Jung, born 28.07.1744 in Bickenbach,
Hessen, Germany, and she died after 1787 but before 1801. She was dauhter of Johannes Jung and
Anna Catharina Katzenberger.

Johan Peter arrived about 1.05.1760 in Fredericia with his siblings and his mother. He is named
the head of the family, as the stepfather, Johan Michael Marquardt died on the way too Denmark.
In 1763 he was copyholder on farm 19 in Frederikshøj, but in 1765 the farm was empty.
From 1779 he is copyholder on farm 18 and some years later also on farm 17.
In 1800 his son Thomas is copyholder on both farms.

The family got 11 children all born in Grønhøj:

1. Johannes Peter. VII.A.

2. Anna Barbara, born 1763 and died 4.02.1836, Benslehøj, was in 1782 married with Johann
    Peter Cramer

3. Catharina Margaretha, born abt 1767 and died 26.04.1838, Havredal, was married in 1787
    with Johannes Berthel.

From the census in 1787 we learned that Johan Peter and Eva Jung had the following children at

4. Johann Philip, born abt 1765 an died 6.03.1826, Havredal, was married in 1787 with Marie
    Cathrine Winkler

5. Thomas, born abt 1769 and died 14.11.1822, Grønhøj, was married with Anna Maria
    Petersdatter Hassing
.(other spouses)

6. Anna Elisabeth, born abt 1772 and died 3.03.1849, Benslehøj, was married in 1793 with
    Johann Conrad Rost.

7. Johann Peter, born feb. 1776 and died 2.05.1865, Frederiks, was married in 1802 with Anna
    Margaretha Breuner
    The family got 5 children.

8. Daniel Pedersen, born abt 1778 and died 3.07.1855, Sevel Skovby.

9. Johann Georg, born abt 1782, died 20.01.1833, Rolykke, Maribo, was married in 1815 with
    Ana Margrethe Hansdatter

10 .Jacob,born abt 1785.

11. Phillip Frederich, born abt 1786, died 19.05.1833 Grønbækhus, Fly, was married in 1818
     with Maren Christensdatter.

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