Johan Phillip Philbert

VI. Johan Phillip Philbert was born about 12-02-1739 Gronau in Odenwald, Germany and died j, 1796, Alheden (DK).

Johan Phillip is son of Johan Peter Philbert and Anna Marie Stöck.

From the census of 1787 for Frederikshøj it appears that he was married 08-01-1761 i Thorning sogn with Agathe Bitch, she was born 21-08-1745 in Reichenbach and died in 1796 in Grønhøj. In the same census there are the following children:

  1. Anna Barbara, born 1770, Grønhøj, died 24-08-1854, Grønhøj (84 years)

  2. Johan Peter, born 1772, Grønhøj, died 04-09-1841, Grønhøj (69 years)

  3. Johann Philip, born 1774,Grønhøj, died 20-10-1848, Grønhøj (74 years)

  4. Anna Margrete, born 1777, Grønhøj, died 30-04-1838, Grønhøj (61 years)

  5. Maria Magdalene, born 1779, Grønhøj, died 19-11-1852 Frederikshede (73 years)

  6. Johan Christoffer, born 1782, Grønhøj,died 22-06-1834 Grønhøj (52 years)

  7. Agathe, born 1785, Grønhøj, died unknown.

  8. Eva Marie, born 1790, Grønhøj, died 04-05-1868 Middel Grederiksmose (78 years)

Johan Phillip arrived in november 1759 in Denmark, together with his parrents and his 8 younger Siblings. The family got a farm in Frederikshøj, but shortly after the father died. It is expect, that the farm was overtaken by Johan Phillip. He is the copyholder of farm 18 in 1763. In 1765 is the farm onoccupied and in 1774 he is copyholder on farm 15. In 1784 he is copyholder on 2 farms in Frederikshøj. In 1786 farm 30 mentioned as Johan Phillips former farm, and in 1787 he is living there again. This farm was in 1801 overtaken of son Johan Phillip.

Some years after the father died it seems that the mother had left the contry, together with some of the children, but Christopher, Johannes and Anna Cathrine stay. They were all teenagers so big brother Johan Phillip attempt them.

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