Jacob Arents Besemer

IXA. Jacob Arents Besemer, christened in Schiedam 15.01.1669, died 09.01.1740, he was salmon fisherman and was married in Schiedam 17.04.1702 with Maartje Jans Staat, christened in Schiedam 27.05.1674 and died 14.12.1721, she was daughter of Jan Pietersz Staat and Neeltje Dirks. Maartje is a sister of Aaltje married with his brother Claas.

The family got the following children, christened in Schiedam:
  1. Jacomijntje, 06.04.1703, died after 29.12.1739. She was married in Schiedam 07.09.1720 with Cornelis de Munninck, christened in Schiedam 13.09.1702 and died 09.10.1747, he was son of Leendert de Munninck and Jannetje Juriaans.

  2. Jan, 29.03.1705 and died 01.09.1779, he was salmon fisherman.

  3. Neeltje, 13.05.1707, died after 29.12.1739. She was like her sister Jacomijntje mentioned in de will of Jacob, he made two weeks before he died.

  4. Arie, 09.12.1708 died 17.12.1708.

  5. Pieternelletje, 29.12.1709 and died 08.08.1710.

  6. Arij, 17.06.1711 died 21.08.1738.

  7. Pieter Jacobse, 16.10.1715 died 30.03.1802, was married 28.05.1758 in Schiedam with Marijtje Meyers, christened in Schiedam 21.12.1718 and died 17.05.1802, she was daughter of Joost Meyers and Hendrijntje Hendriks Visser.
        They got a daughter:
         1. Marijtje, christened in Schiedam 11.02.1759 died 06.08.1850 in Schiedam and was married with Jan Dijkmans, christened 17.10.1756 died 06.11.1846, he was son of Gerrit Dijkmans en Elisabeth van Dalen.

  8. Dirk, 18.08.1717 died before 26.04.1721.

Among other things by reading:
"This whole brave family... A Schiedams genus Bes(z)emer between 1600 and present", from Th. Bezemer july 1988.

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