Claas Arents Besemer

IXB. Claas Arents Besemer, was christened in Schiedam 08.03.1677 (as Nicolaus) and died in Schiedam 03.05.1756. He was salmon fisherman and ship-carpenter. He was married in Schiedam 24.03.1704 with Aaltje Staat, christened in Schiedam 16.07.1677 and died 14.12.1728, she was daughter of Jan Pietersz Staat and Neeltje Dirks. Aaltje is a sister of Maartje married with his brother Jacob.

The family got the following children, chistened in Schiedam:

  1. Pieter, 18.10.1705 died after 05.06.1758. salmon fisherman.

  2. Jacomijntje, 28.03.1708 died 11.09.1714.

  3. Jannetje 12.12.1710 died after 28.06.1756, was married in Overschie 27.10.1743 with Cornelis Visser, born in Pijnacker and widow of Aaltje Boeff.

  4. Neeltje, 21.09.1712 and died in Schiedam 18.08.1791.

  5. Jacomijntje, 01.11.1715 died 06.06.1772.

  6. Maartje, 16.06.1719 died 03.01.1777.

  7. Signature of Claas Arents Besemer.

    Among other things by reading:
    "This whole brave family... A Schiedams genus Bes(z)emer between 1600 and present", from Th. Bezemer july 1988.

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