Ary Jansz. Besemer

XB. Ary Jansz. was christened 20.11.1712 and died 2.06.1788 in Schiedam. Ary Jansz. is a son of Jan Arents Besemer and Maertje Arents van der Vlies. He was married 1. 21.12.1738 with Jannetje van der Velden, died 5.10.1744. She was a daughter of Claas van der Velden.

Signature of Ary Janse Besemer.

The family got 3 children:
  1. Maartje, christened 27.09.1739 and died 29.12.1791 in Schiedam. She was married 9.05.1762 with Elias van Catwijk, christened 5.10.1738 in Schiedam and died 11.11.1780 in Schiedam. He was a son of Dirk van Catwijk en Clasijntie Scheurkogel.
        The family got 4 children christened in Schiedam:
        1. Dirk, 31.07.1763.
        2. Arij, 02.09.1764.
        3. Dirk, 07.12.1766.
        4. Jannetje, 01.06.1768.

  2. Martijntie, christened 2.04.1741 and died 17.07.1790 in Schiedam. She was married 26.12.1778 with Reinier van Os, born about 1725 and died 22.09.1790 in Schiedam. He was a son of Jan van Os and Geertje van der Meer.

  3. Jan, christened 23.06.1743 and died 18.11.1830 in Schiedam. He was maried 20.04.1767 with Anna Brandenburg, christened 13.03.1740 in Schiedam and died 13.03.1813 in Schiedam. She was a daughter of Otto Brandenburg and Maria Smeed.

  4. He was married 2. 7.06.1745 with Jannete Prins, christened 29.03.1716 and died 25.10.1758. She was a daughter of Ary Prins and Caatje Richters. The family got 7 children

  5. Ary, christened 8.04.1746 and died 15.09.1801 in Schiedam. He was married 26.04.1772 with Dirkje Sagweyn, christened 27.05.1741 in Krimpen a/d Lek and died before 22.07.1801 She was daughter of Jan Sagweyn and Arriaantje de Graaf. Ary was deputy policimaster.
        The family got 2 children christened in Schiedam:
        1. Jannetje, 09.12.1772, married 23.03.1794 in Schiedam with Frederik Willemsz, born in Oost-Friesland.
        2. Adriana, 15.02.1775, died in Schiedam 09.02.1809, married 06.05.1804 in Schiedam Gerrit van Meurs, christened in Schiedam 31.03.1776 died in Schiedam 06.04.1817. He is a son of Arij van Meurs en Maria Schoenmakers.

  6. Pieter XC.

  7. Willem XID.

  8. Caatje, christened 19.03.1752 and died 23.08.1826 in Schiedam. She was married 30.07.1814 with Johanes Wagner, geb. about 1750 in Laufdorff (D) and died 4.09.1822 in Schiedam. He was son of Johan Jurren Wagner and Elisabeth Wismer.
        The family got a child:
        1. Jannetje, christened 01.11.1771.

  9. Jannetje, christened 22.03.1754 and died 27.08.1788 in Schiedam. She was married 10.11.1776 with Gerrit Bronkhorst, born in Ooterwijk and died 11.12.1795 in Schiedam.
        The family got 3 children:
        1. Cornelis, christened 31.03.1777.
        2. Jannetje, christened 14.02.1779.
        3. Ariaantje, christened 15.10.1780.

  10. Elisabeth, christened 18.08.1756 and died 12.05.1757 in Schiedam.

  11. Klaas, christened 20.10.1758 and died 9.04.1760 in Schiedam.

  12. He was married 3. in Vlaardingen 14.10.1759 with Caatje van der Baan, christened in Vlaardingen 8.08.1728 and died in Schiedam 16.12.1795. She was a daughter of Pieter van der Baan and Cornelia Venebos.
    Now the family got 5 children more:

  13. Cornelia, christened 15.08.1760 and died 26.03.1796 in Schiedam. She was married 30.06.1782 with Cornelis Ravesteyn, born in Delft and died 23.10.1801 in Schiedam. He was a son of Judith Blokland.
          The family got 1 child:
          1. Pieternelletje, christened 10.03.1779, died 22.08.1806 in Broersveld, her mother named Pieter Luijkas as the father.

  14. Klaas, christened 7.06.1762 and died 18.08.1762 in Schiedam.

  15. Aariaantje, christened 2.10.1763 in Schiedam and died 9.10.1836 in Utrecht. She was sewmother in the orphanage of Vlaardingen. She was married 21.10.1792 in Haag with Christiaan Diederik Feering, born about 1747 in Osnabrück(D) and died 28.06.1805 in Haag. He was landlord of St. Jorisdoelen in Schiedam.

  16. Clasijntje, christened 1.02.1765 and died 19.12.1811 in Schiedam. She was married 15.08.1790 with Cornelis van Vooren, christened 26.10.1766 and died 29.11.1811 in Schiedam. He was a son of Dirk van Vooren and Lijntje Noordzij.
          The family got 7 children:
          1. Arij, born 17.10.1791.
          2. Dirk, born 10.10.179?
          3. Leijntje, born 06.12.1795.
          4. Arij, born 15.08.1798.
          5. Maarten, born 23.11.1802
          6. Jan, born 18.03.1806.
          7. Cornelis, born 29.04.1810.

  17. Pieternelletje, christened 23.10.1768 in Schiedam, died in 1790.

Among other things by reading:
"This whole brave family... A Schiedams genus Bes(z)emer between 1600 and present", from Th. Bezemer july 1988.

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