Pieter Besemer

XC.Pieter Besemer was born 30.10.1747 in Schiedam and died 19.10.1823 in Antwerpen (B). Pieter was a son of Ary Jansz Besemer and Jannetje Prins. He was married 21.08.1782 in Schiedam with Pieternella Wuijster, christened 6.06.1756 and died ;6.01.1796 in Schiedam. She was a daughter of Cornelis Wuijster and Jannetje Vermeij.

Pieter was captain and naval lieutenant.
Pieter is 9 years old as he for the first time is on a merchant ship. He followed his father-in-law, Cornelis Wuijster, and became captain and he made up to 1795 at least 20 voyages as captain on a whaler to Greenland. The ships were wooden 3 mast ships, 30-50 meters long and 7-9 meters wide with a total crew of about 50 people.

7 of the log books are still there. in Dutch

As in 1795 kong Willem V retreat to England as Holland became on the influence of France, Pieter took active service as naval lieutenant. He had on many occasions his son Ary with him. There is a lot more written about Pieter, but this is a very short summary as he in 1819 retired, but he became the supervisor of the building og the "Vasco da Gama" as his søn Ary, in 1823 became captain on this vessel. Shortly after the vessel was ready, Pieter died in his sons home in Antwerpen.

The family got 6 children:
  1. Ary XD.

  2. Jannetje, christened 5.08.1785 and died 8.10.1791 in Schiedam.

  3. Cornelia, christened 21.11.1788 and died 4.07.1798 in Schiedam.

  4. Jan XIF.

  5. Jannetje, born 23.10.1792 in Schiedam and died 28.06.1874 in Bodegraven.

  6. Cornelis, born 1.08.1794 and died 9.07.1859 in Schiedam. He was married 16.09.1829 with Margaretha Catharina Boufy, born 3.01.1788 and died 15.04.1831 in Schiedam. She was a daughter of Gerard Boufy and Jacoba van Holst. ;He was over clerk at the secretariat of Schiedam.

Among other things by reading:
"This whole brave family... A Schiedams genus Bes(z)emer between 1600 and present", from Th. Bezemer july 1988.

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