Daniel Johannes Jacobus Bolten

XIID. Daniel Johannes Jacobus Bolten was born 13.12.1819 i Haag and died 14.07.1867 i Haag. Daniel Johannes was a son of Jan Bolten born in 1740 and Fondurie? Daniel was married 1e with Hendrika Louise Overdijk, born Delft 14.04.1816 and died 28.01.1856, and 2e with Wering?

They got 2 children:

1. Daniel Johannes Jacobus XIIIA.

2e marriage:

2. Johanna Petronella, born in 1867 and died 13.05.1922, was married with Jacob de Vriend, born 1865 and died 18.12.193, Wassenaar, gouvernment in East-Indien.

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