Daniel Johannes Jacobus Bolten

XIIIA. Daniel Johannes Jacobus Bolten, died 14.07.1864: conductor of the rifle corps staffmusician grenadier regiment teacher on the Royal Musicschool orchestmember of the French Theatre
He got 2 children:

1. Daniel Martinus Hendrikus XIVA.

2, Hendrik Gerard Coenraad, born 07.02.1849, official by the provincial gouvernment

    One of his children, Jean Pierre, born 17.02.1883 in 's-Gravenhage was soldier
    17.08.1898 soldier instuctions battalion
    03.04.1900 corporal
    14.07.1903 sergeant
    17.09.1906 2e lieutnant 5e infantry regiment
    23.05.1910 1e lieutnant
    07.10.1919 captain 2e infantry regiment
    4.01.1919? honourable retirement from military duty

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