Gerard Christiaan Bolten

XVB. Gerard Christiaan Bolten was born 20.12.1872 in Haag and died 9.10.1940 in Haag.
          He was son of Daniel Martinus Hendrikus Bolten and Adriana Frederica Otten.
          He was married 13.04.1901 in Haag with Alegonda Johanna Marie van der Weele, born 8.09.1881
          in Haag and died 17.11.1956 in Haag. She was daugher of painter Herman Johannes van der Weele
          and Johanna Alida Wilhelmina Stam.

Gerard was studying medicin in Utrecht, finished in 1896.
Promoted in 1896 in Gent to psychiatrist.
Besides his privat clinic he was also neurology psychiatrist by the City Hosital of Haag. By his retirement he got his picture as still showed in the hospital.
Otherwise he was interested in music and collect coloured Delfs porcelain.
As he died on 9.10.1940, it was just before the germans were taken him in custody, as he had written an article in 1934 to defend Marinus van der Lubbe, as the supposed incendiary of the Rigdags-building in Berlin.

The family got 3 children.

1. Allegonda Johanna Adriana, (Gon) was born 04-02-1902 in Loosduinen and died 18-12-1990
    in Haag.
    She was married 10-1925 in Semarang (Indonesia) with Okke Visser, he was lawyer in Semarang from
    1924 til 1937. They where divorced in 1937.

    The family got 3 children

    1.1. Okke Herman Johannes Visser.(Dick), born 30-01-1927 in Semarang and died 10.06.2000, Den Haag
    1.2. Maria Johanna Aldegonna Visser.(Marjolein),born 03-05-1928 in Semarang
    1.3. Allegonda Margaretha Visser.(Gon),
        born 03-01-1932 in Semarang and died 18-04-2009, Den Haag.

2. Hermine Maria, born 16-03-1903 Loosduinen, she was married 23-11-1929 with Prof.dr. P. J.
    The family got a daughter:
    a. Allegonda Colette Albertina, born 13-05-1932, Leiden and died 19-06-2011, Waddinxveen.

3. Daniel Herman Gerard .

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