Daniel Herman Gerard Bolten.

XVC. Daniel Herman Gerard Bolten was born 04-01-1906 in Haag and died 16-07-1987 in Middelburg.
          He was son of Gerard Christiaan Bolten and Alegonda Johanna Marie van der Weele.
          He was never married.

He was studying Bachelor of Laws in Utrecht and after that art-history. Here he was using his fenomenal
visual ability and aesthetic attitude. His feel like traveling and that made his study so long. He was also
living in Paris in 5 years, so he complete his study in 1938.
He promoted, but will not be calles doktor.
During the occupation he was together with some friends sailing from Holland to England.
From here he took to Argentina to some he knew and lived there with giving advice in interior matters
and assistence by buying antique.

After his return to Holland in 1945 he was involved by the discovery of the stolen objects of art in
After that he was working in the service of national monuments, where he was writing an artguide
of the provinces Zealand and Brabant.
In 1946 he became conservator of museum of art Boymans in Rotterdam.
In 1949 service of national monuments.
1952-1971 Director of museum "Het Princenhof" in Delft and supervision at the national museum
"Lambert van Meerten".
Het Princenhof had only a small possession of his own and therefore there were two large exhibitions
each year.

The themes he selected shows his interest for: 'Bible arts', 'bras', 'glass', 'laying a table', etc.
It was a very active period in his life. His many connexions gave him the possibility, to collect inportant
objects from inside and outsite the country for his exhibitions.
His biggest triumph was the restrict return of "het Atelier" from Vermeer til Delft.
Through his activities and connexions he changed the museum from en empty house to an institution
with a name. Also other aspects of "Het Prinsenhof" he took care of, were receiving guests from the
gouvernment, whereby there were dinners in these spherefull surroundings.

But possibly he was in his best element at the antic-fair each year.
Here he enjoy the connexions with the antic trade, as they updated him with the price-regulation.
At last he was arbitrator in questions about false or true of dating and ascribe to.
1953-1976 (extern) member of the national service of national monuments, where he at once got a authority voice.

He got the following orders:
Officer of Oranje Nassau
Commander order of Mertiau d'Italia
Commander merit house of Germany
Commander des Arts et des Lettres (France)
Officer des Ordre Nationale du Merits (France)
Officer of Oakcrown Luxemborg
Officer of the Polarstar of Sveden
Officer of the Crownorder of Thailand
Officer of George ? of Greece

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