Christian Bitsch

III.A. Christian Bitsch was born in 1644, in Schirs, Kanton Graubünden, Switzerland, and died 12.03.1708 in Raidelbach, Odenwald, Hessen, Germany. He is son of Christian Bitsch born 1612 and died 09.05.1698 and Magdalena Mayer, born 1615 and died 20.05.1686 Christian was married 6.02.1666 in Raidelbach with Anna Katharina Zehfuss, born 1648 in Werningerode, Eichsfeld, Thüringen, Germany and she died 12.02.1718 in Raidelbach. She was a daughter of Jakob Zehfuss.

The family got 12 children:

1.Catharina, born 16.12.1666 and died in 1668 in Raidelbach.

2.Michael, born 21.02.1668 and died 7.03.1668 in Raidelbach.<

3.Johannes Georg, born 24.08.1669 in Raidelbach and died before 1758. He was married in 1690 with Barbara Baumann.

Jacob IV.A.

5.Magdalena, born 6.04.1673 in Raidelbach and died 28.05.1738. She was married in 1697 with Thomas Geron.

6.Johann Henrich, born ?.08.1674 in Raidelbach. He was married in 1697 with Anna Catharina Lenhart.>

7.Anna Maria, born abt 1677 in Raidelbach. She was married in 1701 with Hans Adam Horn.>

8.Johan Christian, born 22.06.1679 in Raidelbach.

09.Peter, born 1.05.1680 and died ?.05.1738 in Raidelbach. He was married in 1701 with Cathrine Hochgenug died in 1750.

10.Johann Philipp, born 24.06.1683 in Raidelbach. He was married in 1705 with Anna Elisabeth Scharschmidt.

11.Hans Georg, born 19.05.1686 in Raidelbach. He was married in 1716 with Barbara Müller died in 1740.

12.Anna Elisabeth, born 14.03.1687 in Raidelbach. She was married in 1708 with Johannes Wiener.

It is most likely that Christian Bitsch was a brother to the Mathias Bitsch from the village Bitsch in Switzerland, who was married 6.08.1662 with Anna, a daughter of Gabrielle Langendorf from Breitenweisen.
The familyname Bitsch is probably first adopted after the arrival at the new place in Odenwald. It is very good liking with Odenwalds cultivation history.

After 30 years war, nobody was living there as the result of war and Black Death, and so immegrate a lot people of from Switzerland. Theirs familynames are still exist. Among them was also Bitsch.
In the little village Gardernheim there is a farm named "Bitschhof" and in the Reichenbach parish are many persons with the name Bitsch.

In Breitenweisen is living a Peter Bitsch and he has a genealogybook of "Entailed estate of the immegrated Bitsch from Switzerland round 1640"

Obtained by reading:
"The Genus Bärtel from Frederiks parish, about Johan Georg Bärtel, born 1823, and his wife, their ancestors and descendants".
The book is written by a/s genealogy Bredgaard, Skals (DK) 1971-1973.


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