Jacob Bitsch

IV.A. Jacob Bitsch was born 5.04.1671 in Reichenbach and died 24.04.1737 in Reichenbach, Hessen, Germany.

Jacob is son of
Christian Bitsch and Anna Katharina Zehfuss.

He was married with Anna Margaretha Bormuthie, born 9.05.1665 in Reichenbach and she died 19.02.1733 same place.

The family got 5 children:
  1. Magdalene, born 8.04.1697 in Reichenbach.

  2. Elisabeth, born 4.05.1698 in Reichenbach and died july 1707 in the forest by Lichtenberg.

  3. Barbara, born 15.03.1701 in Reichenbach. Married in 1719 with Johann Nicolaus Seeger.

  4. Hans Johann Georg Bitsch V.A.

  5. Johan Peter, born 18.10.1706 in Reichenbach. Married in 1739 with Elisabeth Margret Gerisch.

Obtained by reading:
"The Genus Bärtel from Frederiks parish, about Johan Georg Bärtel, born 1823, and his wife, their ancestors and descendants".
The book is written by a/s genealogy Bredgaard, Skals (DK) 1971-1973.

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