Johannes Jung

V.C. Johannes Jung was born 28.07.1717, in Bickenbach, Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany, where the famelyname Jung is known from about 1500. He is named in the census from 1787, but should bedead shortly after.

He was married 22.01.1743 in Bickenbach with Anna Catharina Katzenberger, born 18.03.1719 in Zwingeberg, Hessen, she died also after 1787.

The family immegrate from Darmstadt with the children:

1. Johannes, born about 1746,

Eva VI.A.

3. Elisabeth Dorothea VI.C.

In 1762 Johannes is principal of colony Frederikshøj and in 1763 he became copyholder nr. 12 the same place. From 1765 he is mentioned as copyholder on farm 10, as then was moved to Firhuse, where the farm got nr. 3. In 1801 his son Johannes is named as copyholder on that farm.