Johann Georg Keller

VI.C. Johann Georg Keller was born about 1753 in Mannheim, Germany, and died 30.05.1788 in Stenrøgel, Alheden.

Johann Georg was son af
Johann Jost Keller and Anna Margarethe Hahn. Johan was married with Elisabeth Dorothea Jung, born 22.03.1759 in Rohrbach, Heidelberg, Germany and died 27.06.1824 in Kjellerup, Silkeborg (Dk). She was daughter of Johannes Jung and Catharina Katzenberger.

Johann Georg was originally shoemaker. The married couple immegrate in 1758 and settled in, Odense, where he was working in a faktory. In 1776 the moved too the colony Frederikshede, on Alhede, where he became headmaster and precentor.

The census of 1787 mentioned the family as living at the schoolhouse.

The family got 6 children:
  1. Johannes , born 19.06.1777 and died 12.08.1852, Thorning, Silkeborg. He was married 11.11.1808 with Maren Bach, born 14.07.1770 and died 05.12.1853. She was daughter of Christian Bach.
        This family got 8 children.

  2. Johannes wrote an autobiography. Only available in Danish.

  3. Johan Georgeborn 14.08.1782.

  4. Anne Marieborn 09.10.1783.

  5. Anna Margretheborn in 1785.

  6. Michael

  7. Anna Margrethe born in 1788.

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