Johann Jost Keller

V.E. Johan Jost Keller, born 1724, Mannheim, Germany and died 26.01.1795, Frederikshøj, Alheden. He was married with Anna Margrethe Hahn, born 1724, Wiesbaden, Germany og died 24.09.1798, Frederiks, Alheden She was daughter of Micheal Hahn, born ab. 1688 and Maria ?, born about 1692.

Johan Jost and family arrived in 1756 Odense, by boat from Wiesbaden, Germany. Together with 418 german weavers, to move a weaverfactory from Wiesbaden to Odense. The factory owner Anton Hübner died a year after and the factory was moved to Tåsinge.

First from januar 1765 we see Johan Jost on the paylist as first schoolmaster and cantor in Havredal, Alheden.

Thefamily got the following children:

1.Johan Michael, born 1751, Wiesbaden and died 18.06.1823, Grønhøj. He was married in 1785 with Maria Christine Brücheria, born about 1746. She was daughter of Johan Daniel Brücher. Johan was schoolmaster in Grønhøj.

Johan Georg VI.C.

3.Johann Friderich, born 1754, Mannheim and died 22.08.1756, Odense.

4.Christine VIII.