Johan Philipp Risch

VIII. Johan Philipp Risch is born in 1754 in Herschenrode, Odenwald, Hessen, Germany, he died 24.11.1820 Havredal in Frederiks, Alheden (DK).

Johan Philipp is søn of Johan Wendel Risch and Anna Margaretha Delpin.

From the census of 1787 we learned at he first time was married with Christine Keller, as according to the age specification was born about 1759 and died about 1795. She was daughter of Johan Jost Keller and Anna Margrethe Hahn.

Johan Philipp was copyholder of farm 26 in Frederikshede. The farm was estimated for restoration. On a public sale of late Adam Boechlers estate in 1778, Johan bought a chair and 3 iron spoons, and on an other public sale of late Phillip Raut estate in 1788 he bought an other chair.

In the census of 1787 are Johan Phillip and Christine Keller named with the children:

1. Anna Margrethe IX, 5 years old.

2. Elisabeth Barbara, 1 year old.

On the farm there were further 17 years old farmhand Hans Kriegbaum and 23 years old maid Elisabeth Mejerin.

Johan Philipp was married second time about 1795 with Susanna Gamshornie, born 1772 in Over Frederiksmose, Torning parish, and died 23.03.1847 in Trehuse, Frederiks. She was daughter of Adam Gantzhorn and Anna Barbara Märcher.

The census of 1801 show us Johan Phillip and second wife Suzanne Gamshornie and children:

1. Johan Georg, 12 years,

2. Christina Margreta, 7 years,and

3. Maria Catharina VIII.A, 4 years.

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