Johann Conrad Bitsch

VIII.A. Johann Conrad Bitsch is born about 1800 in Benslehøj, Frederiks parish, Alheden and he died 20.04.1847 at the same place.

Johan er son of
Johannes Peter Bitsch and Eva Bertel.

Johan is married 30.09.1820 in Frederiks with Maria Catharina Rischie, born about 1798 in Havredal, Frederiks parish, as daughter of Johan Philipp Risch and Susanna Gamshornie and she died 5.10.1878 at the home of her daugther and son-in-law in Sandkærgaarde. The best man were J.M. Keller and Frederik Kradt, both from Frederikshøj.

Johan took over the farm from his father in 1829 and he run the place until his death, where his

son Johannes took over, he is named in 1858 as copyolder.

The family got 12 children:
  1. Eva Cathrine, born 1.12.1820 in Benslehøj, and died 17.04.1876, Trehuse and was married in 1843 with Philip Frederich Brauner.

  2. Susanne Margrethe X.

  3. Johannes, born 13.01.1824 in Benslehøj, he was married with Anna Cathrine Harritz

  4. Johan Philip, born 6.12.1825 in Benslehøj and died same place 13.03.1874.

  5. Johan Conrad, born 1.03.1828 in Benslehøj, he was married with Ane Rosine Breuner.

  6. Jacob, born 25.02.1830 in Benslehøj.

  7. Peder, born 2.10.1831 in Benslehøj and died 17.07.1894 in Benslehøj. He was married in 1862 with Ane Margrethe Hermann.

  8. Marie Magdalene, born 29.01.1833 ?? in Benslehøj and was married with Daniel Würtz.

  9. Marie Cathrine, born 21.08.1835 in Benslehøj and died after 1890. She was married in 1857 with Peder Laursen.

  10. Ellen Marie, born 24.04.1838 in Benslehøj. Se was married with Johannes Lauth.

  11. Daniel, born 19.07.1840 in Benslehøj and died 15.04.1915 in Iglsø. He was married in 1863 with Mette Jensen.

  12. Johan Georg, born 14.12.1842 in Benslehøj.

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