Johannes Peter Bitsch

VII.A. Johannes Peter Bitsch is born 2.07.1761 in Grønhøj and died 4.01.1839 in Benslehøj, Grønhøj, Viborg.

Johannes is son of
Johan Peter Bitsch and Eva Jung. He was married about 1785 with Eva Bertel, born about 1761 in Grønhøj and she died 8.03.1836 in Benslehøj. She was daghter of Johann Jacob Bertel and Marie Magdalene Pastre.

Johannes is copyholder on farm 16, as the farm before was run by Johan Conrad Rost. Johannes run the farm onto 1829, as his son took over.

From Lysgaard-Hids district public sale register we learned that Johannes on 11.06.1788 after the late Phillip Raut estate, bought a spinning wheel, a big german bible, 2 hammers and a compass and saw.

From the censusin 1801 we learned at the family at that time had the following children at home:

  1. Catharina Margrethe, 18 years.

  2. Maria Magdalene, born 1788 in Benslehøj and died in 1869 in Aarestrup.

  3. Johann Jacob, born in 1791 in Grønhøj and died in 1865 in Stordalen.

  4. Johann Peter, born in 1793 in Benslehøj and died in 1850 in Havredal.

  5. Johannes, born in 1797 in Grønhøj and died in 1802 in Grønhøj.

  6. Johan Conrad VIII.A.

and a farmhand Conrad Marqvardt, 18 år.

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