Johann Jacob Bertel

VII. Johann Jacob Bertel is born 14.06.1737 in Kirch-Beerfurth, Odenwald, Hessen, Germany,
and died in 1811, Sandkærgaarde, Grønhøj, Alheden.

Johann Jacob was married the first time 28.09.1760 in Fr.Crumbach, Odenwald, Hessen, Germany with Marie Magdalene Pastre, she is born 1732 in Rohrbach in Germany and died shortly before 29.02.1780 in Grønhøj, as there was a division of the estate.

Johann was married second time in 1781 with Anna Cathrine Philbert, born about 1.01.1751 in Frederikshøj, and she died as pensioner 13.04.1842 in Sandkærgaarde. She was daughter of
Johan Peter Philbert and Anna Marie Stöck.

Curly by the promise for a golden future Jacob and his first wife left at the end of 1761 or beginning 1762 there home area in Hessen-Darmstadt, and walked with their daughter Eva,1 year old, (About 500 km.) to Denmark "where the cows are walking in knee high grass". In Denmark they came, together with other german settler, placed on "Alheden" (near Viborg) a moor. They started by living in hovels made of clay and heather roof. The goouvernment started at length building af the farms and on 21.09.1763 Jacob was copyholder on farm 22 in the community of Frederikshøj but before 1780 he moved to farm nr. 23 same place and before 1786 he took over farm 28 and moved ind there. Farm 23 he runs ontoo 1793, where he overtook farm 29. He was now copyhoder on farm 28 and 29 as the farms were moved together east of the town, and here emerence Sandkærgaarde!!

Jacob had in the 1 marriage with Marie: the following children:
  1. Eva VII.A.

  2. Johannes, born about 1764 and died 22.12.1822, was farmer and married in 1830 with Anna Marie Kriegsbaum. They got 5 children, 3 of them were married with a Kriegsbaum.

  3. Jacob, born about 1769.

  4. Andreas, born about 1774 died 28.02.1835, married with Elisabeth Bräuner and took over in 1801 one of the Sandkærgaarde. They got 10 children.

  5. Dortha Christina Margrethe, born about 1778 died 14.10.1838, was married with Johan
    Georg Maul

  6. In his 2 marriage with Anna: the following chilren:

  7. Daniel IX.

  8. Philip, born about 1785.

  9. Thomas, born about 1789.

  10. Maria Cathrina, born about 1792.

  11. Jacob, born about 1794 died 31.05.1854.He was maried with Marie Bolette Christensdaugther and he took over her fathers farm in Sejbæk, Daugbjerg parish. The census of 1845 told us they had 4 daughtes. One of them Marie was born 16.07.1829 in Sejbæk and she was married in 1850 with Jacob Nielsen,Østergaard, born in 1816 in Fly, owner of Østergaard (farm) in Fly.

  12. Friederick, born about 1797.

  13. Ana Margreta, born about 1799.


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