Adam Gantzhorn

VI.D. Adam Gantzhorn was born 18.04.1738 in Bammenthal in Pfalz, Germany, and died 11.05.1783 in Frederiksmose, Torning parish, Alheden (DK).

His first wife was Anna Maria Schmidt and they were married about 1761, but after here death he was married second time in 1772 with Anna Barbara Märcker, born 24.06.1747 in Bofsheim, Karlsruhe, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany and died 16.05.1814 in Graamose, Torning parish, Alheden. She is daughter of Johann Michael Märcker and Anna Dorthea Hetzler.

Adam is in 1764 copyholder on a farm in Over Frederiksmose, and shortly after he took over an other farm and run them together til his death. In 1779 it is reported that he is an hard-working and hopeful colonist.

After the death of Adam there was hold a division of estate, between his widow and the children:

  1. Johan Jacob, 8 years.

  2. Susanne VIII, 10 years, as both were living on the farm. Here it was mentioned that Adam had a son from his first marriage, named Johan Adam, but he was away, but had got 4 sheep with his mothers estate.

The division of the estate was on 12.05.1783 by colony manager Hans Kiersgaards son Wilhelm Deichmand Kiersgaard and Jacob Dürr from V. Frederikshøj, as Johan Georg Keller and Jørgen Christensen were registrar and surveyor, but the conclusion was respited about 1 year. In the meantime Adam Ganzhorns brother in law Jacob Dürr, is probaly the brother of Anna Barbara became copyholder of the 2 farms. First 13.05.1784 the divison of the estate was ready.

Anna Barbara was not living together with Jacob Dürr a long time, there she was married 19.09.1786 with Hans Michael Agricola in Gl. Frederiksmose, by her death it was stated that she was widow.