Willem Besemer

XID. Willem Besemer, christened Schiedam 28.11.1749, merchant, he died Schiedam 9.12.1817. Willem was married in Schiedam 21.04.1776 with Aaltje van Bol'es, christened in Schiedam 28.08.1746, she died in Schiedam 13.11.1819, she was a daugther of Cornelis van Bol'es and Willemijntje Schouten.

The family got a son:
  1. Ary Bezemer, chistened in Schiedam 3.02.1786, merchant, he died in Schiedam 14.05.1810 and was married in Schiedam 24.08.1806 with Beletje Faber, christened in Schiedam 21.11.1785, she died 16.02.1841 in Schiedam, she was a daughter of Tobias Faber and Sara van den Pauwert.

    The family got 4 children:

  1. still born child, 12.05.1807.

  2. still born child, 13.05.1808.

  3. Willem XIG.

  4. Adriana Bezemer, born 14.07.1810 in Schiedam, she died in Hardinxveld 19.10.1888. She was married in Schiedam 25.10.1837 with Willem Maas, born in Schiedam 24.10.1809. He was chemist and died Hardinxveld 11.07.1883. He was son af Hendrik Maas and Maria Catharina van Oosterom.

  5. Source:
    Among other things by reading:
    "This whole brave family... A Schiedams genus Bes(z)emer between 1600 and present", from Th. Bezemer july 1988.

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