Frans Bezemer

XIV. Frans Bezemer was born 31.10.1831 in Schiedam and died 15.05.1911 in Oosterbeek. Frans is son of Jan Bezemer and Maartje Felix. He was married 24.09.1856 in Schiedam with Hillegonda Johanna Grashuis, born 16.03.1838 in Oosthuizen and died 18.12.1907 in Oosterbeek, she is daughter of Jan Michiel Grashuis and Catharina Adriana Schöeder.

Frans was school headmaster in Delfshaven from 19.12.1860 until 1886?

The family got the next 10 children:

  1. Martina Johanna Catharina, born 23.04.1857 in Schiedam, died 22.04.1947 in Haag. She was married 30.08.1877 in Zuidland with Ary Groeneveld, born 26.01.1849 in Zuidland and died 30.09.1914 in Schiedam. He is son of Jacob Groeneveld and Neeltje Bitter. He was headmaster in Schiedam.
        They got a son:
        1. Jacob, born 04.08.1878.1878 in Schiedam, died 03.06.1955 in Schiedam, was married with Josine Seeman.
            They got 2 children:
            1. Ary
            2. Jose

  2. Catharina Adriana Charlotte, born 28.06.1859 in Schiedam and died after 1895. She was married 24.08.1893 in Rotterdam with Gerrit Bruins, born 21.07.1834 in Zwolle and died after 11.05.1898 in Indonesia??. He was son of Jan Bruins and Geertje Hijner. He was official in Indonesia.

  3. Hillegonda Francina, born 7.10.1861 and died 30.07.1863 in Delfshaven.

  4. Jan Michiel, born 3.06.1864 and died 19.02.1867 in Delfshaven.

  5. Felix, (Fë), born 30.09.1866 in Defshaven and died 8.10.1951 in Voorburg. He was married 27.08.1913 in Arnhem with Gijsje den Hartog. ~1890 he finished study at the National Highschool of Agriculture in Wageningen. He was producing fertilizers. It is known that people sayd: they got with "a hand full of Bezemer" good results!! After 1890 he was working on Jave with the cultures.
        The family got a daughter.

  6. Tammo Jacob XV.

  7. Frans, born 14.05.1871 in Delfshaven and died 21.05.1938 in Haag. He was married 12.11.1898 in Modjo Agoeng Modjokerto with Alida Clara Spönhoff, born 5.10.1877 in Scherpenzeel and died 12.07.1938 in Haag. She was daughter of Hinricus Spönhof and Elizabeth Roemers. Frans was from 1888-1905 in the Royal Navy and took part in several expeditions round Java. In 1906 he was director of an insurance company onto 1928, where he had a broker office in Haag onto 1937
        The family got a daughter.

  8. Gerardus Jan, born 14.11.1873 and died 18.07.1840 in Delfshaven. He was a musician, concert pianist and teacher. He had a concert in England together with Bernard Diamant (comp. for 2 pianos).

  9. Ary, born 26.04.1875 and died 13.10.1877 in Delfshaven.

  10. Francina Elizabeth, born 23.05.1879 in Delfshaven, and died 16.12.1967 in Bilthoven.

  11. Source:
    Among other things by reading:
    "This whole brave family... A Schiedams genus Bes(z)emer between 1600 and present", from Th. Bezemer july 1988.

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